As good as it gets.

Sincere, honest, informative and at a lot times…. Simply funny . Good people interviewed by a wonderful host that simply enjoy getting out on the water. Are they smart? Yes. Are they pioneers of the sport? Yes. Do they take themselves seriously? At the right time. In all, for anyone like me just getting into this and the seasoned veteran… Thor podcast is a must.

100% Quality Material

Talk about being hooked, no pun intended.. This podcast is top-notch and absolutely incredible. The stories these guys share are legendary to say the very least and have had me pretty jacked up while listening throughout my work day. It’s crazy and a bit scary, I’ve shared and had many of the same views/theories/etc that have been discussed in these episodes while out fishing my local spots. I guess some of us are geared the same.. Highly recommend, 5-stars all the way!

Amazing Podcast For Any Striper Fisherman

I have never fished at the Cape Cod Canal or Montauk but I have learned a lot that I have been able to apply to my fishing techniques in my areas. It’s great hearing about the history of our fisheries. The interviews are educational and interesting with some great stories. Helps me get through a slow workday!

My favorite podcast

Thank you Zeno great podcast keep up the good work as tight lines


The only thing you could complain about these podcast are there’s not a new one everyday! Every interview is informative, interesting, educational and funny. Hands down the best out there. Thank you!

Great podcast!

Great podcast!!

Awesome Sauce!!!!!

Such a pleasure listening to my passion on the radio while I’m commuting!!! Make traffic painless 😆


Quality material as always from surf casters journal and this podcast is second to none Great material for listeners new and seasoned in surf fishing

Absolutely the BEST

This is, bar none, the best striped bass podcast that I have ever listened to. The interviewer, Zeno Hromin, is great, and he is interviewing a who’s who list of surfcasters. I can’t recommend more highly. Truly a pleasure to listen to.

So dang awesome!

This is my favorite podcast. Can’t wait for each new one to come out so I can listen on my travels. Zeno keep up the great work brother.

Surf casters

Awesome podcast! Great info and conversations.

Good Stuff

As usual, SJC does not disappoint. Informative, entertaining and worth a listen. If you play the Bill Wetzel one backwards, he reveals all his secret spots.


Quality material as always from surf casters journal and this podcast is second to none


Zeno and Gary are legends. The story about swimming across the channel had me laughing out loud on public transport. Hope to get one of his massive pikes in my bag for next season.

Night Shift podcast

I truly enjoyed listening to Chris Voorhies! I was able to gain insight into his strategies around fishing and plug building. Zeno really pulled together a meaty interview in this podcast.

One of a kind podcast

Unfukwitable! Surfcasters rule and this pod cast is the real deal Holyfield


Awesome podcast. Hope you guys keep them coming


SurfcastersJournal always puts out great content. I don’t know any other podcast that fills the surfcast niche.

Surfcast knowledge from the experts!

Finally, have been waiting for this resource from the best source of information on the sport of surf casting!

Great job

Keep em rollin



The best surf casting podcast

I’ve been waiting for Zeno and the crew to put a podcast out since I started reading the magazine. They did not disappoint! This is by far the best surfcasting/striped bass podcast out there!


Awesome, just like everything that SJ does. Great magazine, great youtube videos, and now a great podcast!


Thanks guys for putting together another great project. Looking forward to more!


Good luck with the pod cast,Really looking forward to it!

THE best!

SCJ put an amazing first episode out with Chris! Looking forward to more as the season winds down